Friday, September 14, 2007

UNO Marketing Ideas for 2007-08

Mavericks Wanted.
Mav Hockey: It Gets Inside You.
"Maverick Mojo."

We've had some less-than-memorable Mav Hockey branding in the past. I haven't seen anything yet this season, so I can't tell you if things have improved. But I will tell you what would make a big difference. A bobblehead. Specifically, a Coach Kemp bobblehead.

Not really. I'm kidding. (Not about wanting a Coach Kemp bobblehead. About that, I couldn't be more serious.) I'm kidding about one bobblehead making a difference after a long period of less-than-groundbreaking ideas and execution in UNO hockey marketing and positioning.

This year is an opportunity. It's year 11. We've got a new sheriff in town, and his name is David Miller. He's brought new life to the department, shaking up ticket operations, putting the kibosh on "mandatory donations" and instituting a new $99 season ticket option that has already won UNO new fans.

Now it's time to step it up. Let's have fewer "in-crowd impersonators" (Napoleon Dynamite, Will Ferrell), and more genuine ingenuity. The students are amped up, I've heard the band is revamped, and this season is like a throwback to 1997. Nick Fohr is back. Dave Noel-Bernier is back.

Life is good. Now let's see some action.

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FlAmE$hOt said...

those pictures of guys with big heads really crack me up !! lol that was cool !