Friday, September 21, 2007

Stampede Shaping Up to Support Breast Cancer

While the details are still being worked out, it looks like the theme of this year's Maverick Stampede might be: Think Pink!

It all started when Coach Kemp got a call from Coach Blasi at Miami of Ohio, asking if the Mavs would be willing to wear pink skate laces and sport pink ribbons for cancer on their helmets during the matchup Oct. 26-27 in Oxford, as the Redhawks were using their games in October to raise the profile of Breast Cancer Awareness Month and raise money for breast cancer research. The Mavs, naturally, said yes.

Then, from what I understand, it evolved into somewhat of a contest -- which program could raise more money for breast cancer research in the month of October? The Redhawks have five games, and the Mavs have two (both Stampede games). But we have about five times the potential attendance.

Now, word comes that the UNO marketing staff, the NU Foundation, and the team are taking this to a whole NEW level ... one not seen by UNO to this point in time. I got word that Coach Kemp is ordering pink jerseys for the event (and they're looking for a sponsor for that, so they can auction them off, if you know of any companies that might be interested).

Should be interesting! I'll have more on this as it develops.

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Sean Weide said...

Pink - or Rhodamine Red? Remember the Racers...