Tuesday, December 18, 2007

The Coach Kemp Show

A couple of us were sitting around Indigo Joe's after a Mike Kemp Show a few weeks back and we made a list of the places where the Coach's show has been held throughout the team's history.

For posterity's sake, here it is:
2007-08 Indigo Joe's
2006-07 Indigo Joe's
2005-06 Stevie J's (no longer in business)
2004-05 Sammy Sortino's (no longer in business)
2003-04 Red Eye Tavern (no longer in business)
2002-03 DJ's Dugout
2001-02 DJ's Dugout
2000-01 Chili Greens (no longer in business)
1999-00 Clancy's Pub (114th & Dodge location)
1998-99 Old Chicago (downtown location)
1997-98 Ameristar Casino

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